From ideas to fix price: the process of the handmade.

I decided to write this post to illustrate how I made my bijoux. Every creative have its personal style, some phase of the process can be the same, other slightly similar, other one totally different or absent. Who never done such things, on the other hand, may don't have any ideas about how you can make a piece of jewelry. Me too, before entering on this beautiful world, I have no idea about the process. Now I'm not able to pass along by a jewel (on shop window or chinese stand) without mentally think about how it's made, with wich technique, materials and the average production cost!

Each piece I made is unique, not only because entirely handmade, without molds or models, but because each single piece is conceived and remade each time for the necessity of the buyer (colour, material, dimension, etc) and the available materials (at the moment I can't buy big stock materials, so my quantity are limited).

But let's see each phase of the "creation"  ^___^

1. the first phase is the gathering of ideas, photos, sketches, practical attempts etc everything is necessary for the final sketch and maybe for one or two prototypes too.
Time needed: 1 or 2 hours (sometime days ... other time few minutes when inspiration came ^^ )

2. with a final sketch and maybe some prototype (for the ""Whippet "Lover"" pendant I made 4 prototypes on various metals, colours and poses for the final visual evaluation and stability) I can select the materials I want to use (copper, aluminum, gold tone, silver tone, glass beads, crystals, natural stones, etc), then I cut and shape it, I hammered the piece and at the end I give it the right support for each single element.
Along this phase sometime things change and pop up on my mind the famous "but if I made this thing in this different way ... " and so I came back to the first phase with new sketches, researches, prototypes and so on, until change the final sketch or return to the first one if the idea is not so good.
Time needed: 1 or 2 hours at least ( a pendant is about 1 hour, 1 hour and half. A multi-charms bracelet can be more than 2 hours)

3. after that I create the base, that can be a necklace or a bracelet. For ring bases (for now, but I'm thinking about handmade by myself those too) and earring bases I use the factory made one. Why I don't use the factory made also for necklaces and bracelets? For a simple reason: I can't make a so extended stock with all the variations I will need. Handmade a necklace or a bracelet mean take measure, cut materials, sketch a lock and made it (cut, shape, hammer, strengthen it).
Time needed: 1 hours (sometime less, vary on the difficult of the lock)

4. now it's time to connect each single part to the base. Sometime this process is very fast (10 minutes for a pendant) other time it take forever >.< (a multi-charms bracelet need something like 2 hours ... )

5. finish! not really ... now is packaging-time! Each piece is wrapped on tissue (or waxed paper for polymer clay items) and put it in a gift bag with a nice business card ^____^ After that I wrap it on pluriballs plastic and rigid cardboard (proof against PosteItaliane!! ) and for the last insert on bubble envelop ready to be sent.

6. price: everything done until now, from phase 1 to phase 5, is included on final price. With 5€ , 15€ or 20€ you don't buy only a ring, pendant or bracelet, you buy the idea, research, attempt, materials, making off, composition, finishing and packaging of the piece itself. And time. You buy really a lot of time ^___^ from a minimum of 4 hours to even more than 6.
When I made order for more of the same piece, I made 5 pretty-identical copies of the first one, I already have time, method, material to do it, so I can make about the 30% of discount.
Shipping price is aside, but it's verifiable on the official site of PosteItaliane

It's true, for me create jewelry is a hobby and I really enjoy it (and I hope to made something nice too ^___^ ), sales give me the opportunity to buy materials to improve myself. So when someone say to me: "yes, 5€ for the ring is ok, but can you ship it to me for free?!?! pleeease! it's the same for you, right?!?!"  I feel always upset  >.<

Thanks to everyone who like to spend 10 minutes for read this post ^___^ now you know something more about me and about the handmade :)